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Score OKC Foot School

There will be Foot School sessions offered every Tuesday from 5-6.

These sessions are free to any player participating in the CURRENT No Harm, No Foul League. Any other participant will be charged $10.

The goal for the Score OKC Foot School is to help players of all levels develop skills and a joy in playing soccer. This a relaxed system where you can come as often as you want. With no commitments, you can pick which sessions you would like to go to and pay for each session individually. Players will be put through different drills, games, and scrimmages each session to guarantee they are developing as a player individually. Each session will be very active and engaging for the players. One session guarantees the player will get 600 touches on the ball. We believe as coaches, getting as many touches on the ball in a session as possible is the best way to develop skills for players. A 6:1 maximum player to coach ratio allows coaches to focus on the kids and their behavior and development. A session will consist of a 10-minute warmup where the players are led through some basic drills and skills to ready for the session. Then there will be 30 minutes of technical work. Covering the concepts of basic dribbling, passing, and shooting. This is where we emphasize the importance of touches and control. This technical work would consist of skill-based drills and competitions related to the skill being worked on. These drills/games are also structured for the players to have fun and enjoy it. We want the players to love the game as well. Then the last 20 minutes is for scrimmaging this will be 1v1/2v2 etc. This allows the players to work on skills taught throughout the session and apply them in a game type setting. Every session is different and non-progressive

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