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What is Futsal?

Court-based game played on a hard surface.

5v5 with unlimited rolling substitutions.

Played with a ball that has less bounce than regular soccer.

Played with small-sided size goals

Played with simple rules, (no offside, no overhead height rule players can go anywhere on the court)

It is fast and tactical, with lots of passing, shooting, and Goals!

Futsal at score OKC

Score OKC will host futsal leagues and tournaments throughout the year. A top-class Edmond youth programs facility with four futsal courts, the goal is to provide the best environment for players to thrive in. Futsal is one of the greatest developmental tools as it helps players both quicken their decision-making with the ball at their feet and understand how important their movement off the ball truly is. At a young age, players are challenged to adapt their playing style because of the smaller playing area, fewer players on the field/court, and the intense speed of the game.

Score OKC prides itself on giving as many opportunities to the youth and adults of the Edmond and OKC community as possible. Our futsal leagues and tournaments will be open to everyone. As futsal continues to grow not only in Oklahoma City, Score OKC has its sights on being the best possible solution for all youth soccer and futsal players.

More information about tournaments and leagues coming soon!

Friday Night Open Play

8:00 – 10:00 pm. Pay at the door, call for more info.

Youth Leagues

Score OKC will host leagues throughout the year!

Teams will be placed in their specific age group and skill level suggest by their coach or team manager. Teams will play 8 games/session. The futsal leagues are built to help both the youth and adult markets develop a better understanding of one of the most popular sports in the world. Teams will be matched up with teams of the same level so that every game is as competitive as possible.

Adult Leagues

Score OKC will host adult futsal leagues throughout the year depending on the demand. More touches and less area to cover on the futsal courts offers players an opportunity to showcase their ability in tight spaces in every league game. Teams will play 7 games/session. The top two teams in the standings will play a in championship game during the eighth week of the session!

Adult league games will be played on Friday’s and Sunday’s.

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