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ScoreOKC House Teams

ScoreOKC offers the opportunity for all youth players to join a House Team. These teams are built for children that do not have a team yet but are looking to join a group of players to compete in leagues at ScoreOKC. Our goal with house teams is to give every player a chance to develop into a better soccer player, make new friends, and challenge themselves in actual games.

Basic Information:

-Our goal is to have House Teams for both soccer and futsal for all youth age groups.

-The total cost will be $80/player (tax included). This includes a ScoreOKC shirt that will be used for league games.

-Practices are not guaranteed. Yet, the goal would be to get the team to practice at least 2-3 times throughout the season.

-ScoreOKC will look to supply a coach for games and practices.

-Playing time will be split as evenly as possible amongst all players. It is up to the coach’s discretion whether a player deserves to play more because of a better attitude, work ethic, and application of the game.

If your child is interested in joining a House Team, please email us at

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