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Our Assurance to Customers at Score OKC

Providing a memorable experience that satisfies your needs is our top priority. To show how much we care about providing excellent customer service, we guarantee to always treat you with kindness and respect by our team of caring and qualified staff and we will deal with your comments and complaints accordingly. We offer various programs of both recreational and competitive activities appropriate for all ages. We promise to provide an accommodating atmosphere that is clean and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to report any concerns to our staff if you feel we are not meeting your needs or living up to our pledge to our customers.


Parents or Legal Guardians are responsible for their children’s behavior. Coaches and managers are accountable for guaranteeing that their team, as well as spectators, adhere to all Score OKC guidelines and policies. We reserve the right to ban anyone or team from our property for any misconduct committed within our premises. Misconduct by team members or spectators may lead to on field penalties or possible termination of a match. Any individual/team may be ordered to leave Score OKC property for any reason at any time if said individual/team does not abide by our conduct requirements.


Parking is permitted only in areas marked as parking spaces. Handicap parking spaces are reserved only for vehicles that have proper identification. In the event the parking lot is at or over capacity, there is additional parking allowed in the rear of the building on one side of the curb or to the west located near the maintenance building. All other vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

Required Equipment

All teams are required to have matching colored shirts with numbers. Shin guards are required for all futsal and soccer activities. NO EXCEPTIONS

Courts: Tennis shoes or flats only. ABSOLUTELY NO CLEATS

Turf Fields: Turf shoes, cleats or flats can be worn on the turf. NO METAL/SCREW IN STUDS ALLOWED

Prohibited Activities/Substances

Playing with or pulling on nets at any time. They are for your protection.

Bringing any alcohol or tobacco products onto Score OKC property.

Bringing outside food or drinks into Score OKC. Food and drinks may be purchased at the concession/café.

Bringing gum, candy or food onto the field/court or into team bench area.

❖ Spitting on the field or in the team bench area.

❖ Bringing glass containers into the team bench area.

Playing with soccer balls or any other balls in the concourse and/or lobby area.

Spectator Behavior

Please watch from behind the glass, bleachers or the in the mezzanine. Spectators will be directed toward bleachers or upper mezzanine areas.

Lost and Found

Score OKC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles. Items will be saved for a short period of time only. Please ask our Score OKC staff at front desk for assistance.

Mezzanine and Work Out Area

Children under 14 MUST be accompanied by parent/guardian in the work out area of the mezzanine. ABSOLUTELY no balls of any kind allowed in the mezzanine. No leaning over railing or throwing any items down from or up to the mezzanine area over the railing.

Injury and Medical Protocol

Participants must sign a facility waiver for Score OKC before participating in any activity. A standard first aid kit is available from our staff upon request. In the event a parent/guardian cannot be reached in an emergency, Score OKC reserves the right to seek emergency care for the injured player, including ambulance assistance or hospital care, as may be deemed necessary given the circumstances at the time.

Emergency Exits

Score OKC has a total of seven emergency exits located around the facility that should be used only in the event of an emergency. Please use only the front entry doors at the south end of the facility in the lobby for all other entries/exits.

Assumption of Risk

Participants and guests assume all risks of injury incurred or suffered while on the premises or as a result of using the facilities or equipment of Score OKC.

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