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Score OKC provides multiple Edmond Youth Programs that help get your kids excited and involved with sports. Find out more information below!

Soccer Allies

Soccer Allies is a program that provides professional, accessible, and affordable training sessions to Edmond youth programs soccer players between the U8-U12 age groups. Our mission is to assist in the development of both players and coaches through our unique system. The program is committed to the development of youth soccer players with one approach. It is not because we teach them how to do skills. It is not because of the Next Level Challenge. Instead, it is because we teach the why, when, and how to beat defenders consistently in every position on the field in game situations. With over twenty years of coaching experience, the information is guided by Soccer Allies staff members who are both current and past professional soccer players that know what it takes to succeed individually on the field.

Our Edmond youth programs Next Level Challenge provides a unique and fun way for players to see real success while playing the game. As players improve their ability with the ball, the Soccer Allies staff helps them to see and understand how to utilize these skills at each level through our encouraging and persistent “Concept” conversations. As a result, Soccer Allies provides the opportunity to accomplish a task and gain more knowledge of the game every week.

Register for a Soccer Allies Clinic today!

ScoreOKC Foot School

A program for the younger players!

The goal for the Score OKC Summer Foot School Camp is to help players of all levels develop skills and a joy in playing soccer. This is a relaxed system where you can come as often as you want. With no commitments, you can pick which sessions you would like to go to and pay for each session individually. Players will be put through different drills, games, and scrimmages each session to guarantee they are developing as a player individually. Each session will be very active and engaging for the players. One session guarantees the player will get 600 touches on the ball. We believe as coaches, getting as many touches on the ball in a session as possible is the best way to develop skills for players. A 6:1 maximum player to coach ratio allows coaches to focus on the kids and their behavior/ development. A session will consist of a 10-minute warmup where the players are led through some basic drills and skills to get ready for the session. Then there will be 30 minutes of technical work covering the concepts of basic dribbling, passing, and shooting. This is where we emphasize the importance of touches and control. This technical work would consist of skill-based drills and competitions related to the skill being worked on. These drills/competitions are also structured for the players to have fun and enjoy it. We want the players to love the game as well. Then the last 20 minutes is for scrimmaging, this will be 1v1/2v2 etc. This allows the players to work on skills taught throughout the session and apply them in a game type setting. Every session is different and non-progressive.


10,000 Touches Challenge

Guaranteed 600 touches per session per player. Players will be encouraged to count their touches along with the coaches. The exact touch count might not be 100% correct. Each player will be rewarded 600 touches at the end of the session and their totals will add up making them eligible for touch clubs. At each Touch Club, players will be rewarded.

6,000 Touches Club (10 sessions) – Receives free ScoreOKC Scarf

8,000 Touches Club (14 sessions) – Receives Free ScoreOKC T-Shirt

10,000 Touches Club (17 sessions) – Receives a ScoreOKC Soccer Ball


Register online to ensure your spot. Walk-ups are welcome if space allows.

Futsal at Score OKC

Score OKC will host futsal leagues and tournaments throughout the year. A top-class Edmond youth programs facility with four futsal courts, the goal is to provide the best environment for players to thrive in. Futsal is one of the greatest developmental tools as it helps players both quicken their decision-making with the ball at their feet and understand how important their movement off the ball truly is. At a young age, players are challenged to adapt their playing style because of the smaller playing area, fewer players on the field/court, and the intense speed of the game.

Score OKC prides itself on giving as many opportunities to the youth and adults of the Edmond and OKC community as possible. Our futsal leagues and tournaments will be open to everyone. As futsal continues to grow not only in Oklahoma City, Score OKC has its sights on being the best possible solution for all youth soccer and futsal players.

More information about tournaments and leagues coming soon!

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